We offers the most advanced Automotive Key Services in the region. With the latest automotive key machinery, software and technical know-how, we can make conventional, transponder and infrared keys for most cars on the road.

Key Services:

– Duplicate conventional and high-security keys.

– Program transponder keys, remote keys and infrared keys.

– Originate keys when lost or severely worn.

– Service vehicle locks.

– Re-Combinate (Re-Key) vehicle locks, preventing lost or stolen keys from working.

– Pick & decode high security locks to unlock the vehicle or originate keys.

– Replacement casings for broken remote keys and infrared keys.


  • Latest Automotive Key Machinery
  • Advanced Software.
  • Experienced Technicians.
  • Key replacement for most modern cars.


  • Do I have to come to Kingston to get my key programmed?

    We offer island-wide service for clients who are unable to come into Kingston. However, this service is at an additional cost.

  • Is there a fixed cost to program electronic keys?

    Programming costs may vary depending on the make and model of your car. Contact us for a quotation.

  • Do you program BMW or Mercedes Benz Keys?

    Yes, we are able to program keys for most European cars.

  • I lost the only key I had for my car. Can I still get a replacement?

    Yes. We are able to provide replacement keys.

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