Alarm Services


We offer cutting-edge alarm systems designed to deliver optimal protection at work or in the home. We provide:

-Fire Alarm Systems.

-Burglar Alarm Systems.


  • Latest in Alarm System Technologies.
  • Expert Installation Techniques.
  • Professional and Friendly Service.
  • Experts in Safety and Disaster Preparedness.


  • Why should I install a fire alarm system?

    Alarm systems are an effective tool as it relates to disaster preparedness and crime control. It allows you have some control over the things that happen to you.

  • Does the alarm work when there is a power cut?

    Yes. All our alarm systems carry a standby battery to be used in the case of a power cut.

  • Will my children be able to operate the system?

    Yes. Our system is made operable with the press of a button and disarmed with a four-digit code. Our systems are easy to use and effective.

  • How long does it take to install an alarm system?

    All of our systems take no more than a day to install.

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