We deliver seamless and sophisticated access control solutions for easy and secured entry to your organizations.  We provide:

-Single Door and Networked Systems.

-Cards, Codes and Biometric Controls.

-Hotel Locks.

-Lock and Door Hardware Installation.

-Master Key Systems. Access multiple locks with a single key.


  • Latest Access Control Technology
  • Experienced Access Control Providers.
  • Access to Wide Range of Access Control Equipment


  • Where can Access control be used?

    Access control systems can be installed on the main entry door in your organization, or on all of them. It is mostly used in areas where added security is required.

  • What happens if a card is lost?

    The card can be deleted and a new one issued to the user.

  • Can a remote be used for an access control system?

    Yes. Remotes as well as cards, codes and biometrics can be used.

  • Can I get locked out of a building if the power fails?

    No. Our access control systems have backup battery functions to work in case of a power cut.

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